About Us

The PIE project, including the PIE schemes and Chrome browser extensions, is founded by Ziyuan Yao. The founder welcomes your participation.

PIE is free and open-source software, licensed under a BSD License, and all source code is available here. Read the README file for how to use the source code files.

  • CMU Pronouncing Dictionary provides American English pronunciation data which is revised and used by PIE.
  • Moby Pronunciator II also provides American English pronunciation data which is revised and used by PIE. Moby also provides words whose meaning varies with pronunciation (heteronyms). PIE can optionally show a small plus sign after such words.
  • The free font Cherry PIE shipped with and used by PIE is modified from Charis SIL which is produced by Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL).
  • The "pie" logo used in PIE is a public domain image created by "cgbug".
  • PIE uses mutation-summary, a free JavaScript library created by Google to provide an easy and modern way to monitor a Web page for changes.
  • Xueliang Wei helped to create a Chrome Web Store developer account.
  • xivix and zerokilled, among other people in the FreeNode IRC chat room #javascript, provided great help with JavaScript programming.
  • Łukasz Łoboda and Devin on the "Chromium-extensions" Google Group showed how to use Web fonts in a Chrome extension.
  • Michel Boyer on Typophile.com showed a way to modify the Charis SIL font with free font editors FontForge and ttx, keeping the font's smart font data intact.
  • Albert Filice from PCWorld found a bug in early versions of PIE that crashed browser tabs in Mac OS X, and helped to diagnose and fix the bug.
  • Paul New offered many suggestions regarding PIE, leading to an American Edition of PIE and PIE's emphasis on weak pronunciation.
  • AMcBain and kerozene in the FreeNode IRC chatroom #css provided knowledge to construct a complex css selector to apply a font to desired HTML elements.
  • Shengyi Wang is the first tester of PIE on Mac OS X.
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