LibrE Robotics: Educational Robotics for Learning and Sharing Knowledge to Build Conditions for a Better World (May 2014)

LibrE Robotics, non-profit organization, will provide free software and hardware tools for educational robots that are extremely reliable (robust), modifiable, and very cheap in order to be accessible to anyone and to enable a much more rapid development of the community. [more]

Interactive Solar System (November 2013)

Kinect sensor coding with processing have been proposed to create icosahedrons with hand recognition algorithm so as to have a tridimensional coordinate to set the polyhedron position. Video and documentation are also available at [more]

A Robot-Human Interaction Demo Dance (April 2013)

This work presents a Robot-Human Interaction Demo Dance,  which is based on a ZSTAR3 Radio Frequency single three-axis accelerometer and a Patrolbot mobile robot. The ZSTAR3 sensor board is located in the position of the left wrist. With the wereable accelerometer, we explores four movements of the arm in order to control the mobile robot. [more]

Mechatronic Laboratory Proposal (2012)

Mechatronics laboratory document is elaborated as a proposal project for the Mechatronic engineering career at Madero University in order to offer adequate facilities to students, professors and researchers. [more]

Students Projects at Madero University (2012)

Projects such as: Haptic Referee Glove, Psychrometer using Arduino, Smart Irrigation, POV Bicycle Wheel, Lightmeter and a Delta Parallel Robot Structure are briefly described in the following page. [more]

Mechatronic Engineer Career Promotion for the Madero University (2012)

To promote the Mechatronic Engineering Career to high-school students during 2012 at Madero University, slides were presented. In addition, in order to wake up student's inner scientific curiosity a video were created. [more]

Research Project Proposal for the Madero University (2012)

In order to contribute into the robotics research areas, a research project is proposed to the department of Mechatronic Engineering at Madero University. [more]