Read for the Record

Read for the Record 2015

Help Jumpstart Donate Books to Schools

 OCTOBER 22, 2015

PDK Chapter 1524 - LIU POST, the professional association for educators, will partner 
with Jumpstart for Read for the Record on October 22, 2015. 

Read for the Record is an annual event to support childhood literacy.
Participants across America will read Not Norman: A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett 
to children as part of this annual event.
Register with PDK and help spread childhood literacy. 
Participants will receive an online certificate from LIU Post Phi Delta Kappa - Chapter 1524.

In order to participate and receive an online certificate of completion, please follow these steps:

1. Read "Not Norman: A Goldfish Story" by Kelly Bennett to a child (or a group of children)
click here for Not Norman: A Goldfish Story Online (both English & Spanish available)

2. After reading the book, complete the online registration

Jumpstart Donate Books to Schools based on the registrations
Happy Reading!

2010 Participants

Nicole Doran, Alyssa Tesoriero, Jacqueline Clark, Kelly Burns, Kristina Didomenico, Michelle Contrada, Robin Klausner, Susanna Cutrona, Diana Matarese, Susana Cutrona, Lindsay Gerakaris, Jennifer Wiggers, Marisa Desiderio, Roberta Levitt, Jennifer Ward,Ashley Antonacci, Jamie Marrone, Sara Fusco, Justin Fusco, Jacquelyn Kildale, Lisa Nantsis, Karin Vanderveer, Janet M. Harris, Ph.D., Corinne Taylor, Hyejung Rebecca Jung, Michelle Mehalakes

2009 Participants
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