Project Working Papers

PresentationThis page provides an index to various papers I've produced on specific topics. The paers/presentations cover general socialisationof the project objectives as well as specific topics such as edge habitat exploitation. Theses papers are provided here in the interests of providing more background material for those interested to learn a bit more about the detail. The documents are however strictly copyright, and no permission for reproduction is given or inferred by making these available on-line.
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Interim Project report presented to the Isle of Wight Ecology Officer, July 2012

Presentation gives an overview of the project status and results up to July 2012.


Discussion paper on possible Alcathoe sightings around Parkhurst Forest, August 2012

Paper contains the evidence summary for the possible Alcathoe sightings.


Discussion paper on the use of MaxEnt SDM to deduce the likely forest edge exploitation, October 2012

General discussion on the MaxEnt SDM method and how such models can be used to estimate the extent of forest edge exploitation by bats. This paper was prepared to start discussion with my local planning authority as to why the Natural England 50m set-back guideline was totally inappropriate with regard to a proposed wind turbine development on the forest boundary. I've moved the work on since writing this, and intend to publish a sequel in due course so have removed this one for now


The Parkhurst Forest Bat Project: Species Presence and Habitat Preferences

Paper presented at the Bat Conservation Trust South East Bat Conference, Greeenwich University, Medway Campus, November 2012



Application of Simple Wavelet Filtering Techniques to Bat Call Identification

Discussion paper illustrating the use of wavelet filtering and wavelet noise reduction techniques for processing bat calls.



The Parkhurst Forest Bat Project: Project Summary from 2012 Field Work

Paper presented at the 7th Isle of Wight Recorders Conference, Arreton, February 2013



Event Summary

The Parkhurst Forest Bat Project

Presentation to the Hamphire Bat Group 9th April 2013, Swanwick Nature Reserve Centre.



Forestry Commission Project Briefing 15th May 2013

Presentation to Forestry Commission including 2012 and initial 2013 results.



Natural England Project Briefing 14th August 2013

Presentation to Natural England regarding species richness and habitat use in the Parkhurst Forest and surrounding area. It also includes an assessment of the extent of the edge habitat use for some different species (will be of interest to people looking at set-back distances for developments etc. in a similar habitat context). There are a few surprises here that back up other published papers suggesting that the edge zone active region extends several hundred metres from the forest edge.





BCT National Bat Conference SDM Workshop Material 14th-16th September 2013

Here is the presentation and pdf of the supporting workshop notes from my species distribution modelling workshop delivered at the BCT National bat conference in 2013. Please note you will need to register with your email address in order to download the workshop notes.

The example data linked to the presentation can also be downloaded from here. You will need to download these if you want to explore the MaxEnt output data presentation in detail. Note: these are example models only and not fully representative of the true Barbastelle HSM.


Workshop Notes

Barbastelle Example Data

Projection Example Data

Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Lecture  27th February 2014

Here is the presentation given to a mainly engineering audience to demonstrate how Engineering, Computing and Mathematics get woven into ecology and modelling.

Presentation (PPSX)

Presentation (PPS)

BCT National Bat Conference SDM Workshop Material 5th-7th September 2014

Here is the presentation and pdf of the supporting workshop hand-out from my species distribution modelling workshop delivered at the BCT National bat conference in 2014. Please note, the data used is the same as the 2013 workshop linked above.

Presentation (PPS)

Handout (pdf)

BCT SE Bat Conference Effective Woodland Bat Acoustic Surveys Workshop Material 29th November 2014

Here is a pdf of the slides used to frame the discussions at the above workshop.

Presentation (PDF)