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Be a web literate educator

The Internet is the dominant text of our generation. Millions of individuals globally use it to read, write, communicate, and participate with others. The Online Research and Media Skills (ORMS) model is a research tested way to effectively integrate skills and strategies needed to support all literacies in the classroom. The ORMS model was used as the backbone to frame and develop the Web Literacy Map that was created by the Mozilla Community. Participants will share effective ways to embed literacy and research skills in the technologically equipped classroom. 


To join this community, please post an introduction on your blog and share this out online using the #digitallyliterate hashtag or the @digit_lit Twitter handle. Share this out on your various social networks and platforms. Please introduce yourself openly online and connect with others.

You will be sharing your work from this open educational resource openly online with others. You will need a website with blogging features for reflections and sharing with others in the community.


Yes, we've got badges. You can earn a series of five digital badges in this community. You can then "level up" to earn the Mentor Badge. See the "Discussion & Badges" page in each module for more info.

Who should participate?

In this moderated, open, online community (MOOC) we'll learn and share with other students, educators, administrators, and instructors in Pre-K through higher education. We can all share ideas for the use of web literacies in teaching and learning while focusing on student learning objectives. This class focuses on the nature of information on the Internet and its implications for how educators think about reading comprehension, critical thinking, and learning in a digital information age. 

Why is this important?

A 21st century educational system must educate all learners in the effective and authentic use of the technologies that permeate society to prepare society to prepare them for the future. Despite the transformative possibilities associated with the inclusion of the Internet and other communication technologies (ICTs) in instruction, relatively little is known about the regular use of these technologies in our daily lives. For educators in particular, understanding how best to utilize these digital and web literacies in our work is central to our collective future.

What are the benefits?

In this community, participants will share lesson materials and ideas with other members of the group. Members of the community that share lesson plans and ideas openly online will have the opportunity to pledge for digital badges to showcase your expertise in this area.