How We Raise Our Puppies

Our goal is to raise confident and stable bearded collies who are willing and able to do any job asked of them. To that end, we use protocols (Puppy Culture, Avidog, and others) to help support our puppies' development into smart, inquisitive little dogs. This begins at 3 days old and continues into their socialization period with sound desensitization, socialization, puzzles and challenges, enrichment opportunities, and the beginnings of crate training, housebreaking and leash walking.

Our own dogs are house dogs and family members first and foremost; the expectation is that the same will be true for our puppies, whether they go to show, performance or companion homes. It's far more important to me that our puppies are loved, well cared for and trained than that they win some ribbon! That said, I am always proud and happy to support homes who are interested in competing with their dogs and welcome your questions!