Hiking, Backpacking and Mountaineering

Beardies are versatile, rugged and agile dogs who excel at so many activities. Living here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we enjoy a lot of hiking and mountain climbing.

Max, Stanley, Beckham and Loki - Lake Margaret, CA, 2012

Max - Mission Peak, CA, 2005


Lily Mountain, 9786'


American Lakes, State Forest State Park

Buchanan Pass, 11,837'

Crater Lake

Lake Dorothy, 12,060'

St. Vrain Mountain

Mt. Evans, 14,265'

Mt. Bierstadt, 14,065'

Brainard Lake/Long Lake

Mad Barn, Steamboat Springs

Pierson Park

Mt. Sanitas, 6843'


Button Rock Preserve

Green Mountain, 8144'

Meadow Mountain, Indian Peaks Wilderness, 11,632'

Arapaho Glacier Overlook, Indian Peaks Wilderness, 12,705'

Mt. Audubon, Indian Peaks Wilderness, 13,223'

Crater Lakes, Indian Peaks Wilderness, 10,328' (16 mile day hike!)

Devil's Thumb/High Lonesome Loop, Indian Peaks Wilderness, 12,105' (15 mile backpacking trip)

Ptarmigan Trail/Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness, 11,500'

Macintosh Lake, Longmont

Pawnee Pass, Indian Peaks Wilderness

St. Mary's Glacier