Why Orion?

The constellation

As a lifelong amateur astronomer, as well as the daughter of a slightly more serious astronomer, Orion was the constellation I could identify since about the time I learned to walk. It's also always been my favorite. Not only is it one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky, it contains some of the brightest stars and most interesting nebulas.

Image courtesy of ESA/Hubble Telescope

The mythology

Edith Hamilton's published tales of Greek mythology are the best around and were required reading growing up in my house. Orion the hunter and prominent Greek hero has a number of canine companions in most of the versions of his tale.

The dog

When it came time to give Max, our first beardie, his registered name, his breeder let me know that she prefers astronomy names - stars and constellations. And so, after the constellation I know best, he became Highlander Orion From Alamos.

The kennel name

Max brought me into a whole new world of friends and family. When I began to think of a kennel name years ago, it was only natural that I kept coming back to the dog who changed my life and the constellation that has been a constant since childhood. To honor our past and our future, we are Orion Bearded Collies.