About Us

The Oregon Council for the Social Studies (OCSS) is a statewide organization of social studies educators. OCSS provides high-quality professional development, political advocacy, and networking opportunities; it also publishes a peer-reviewed electronic journal (Oregon Journal of the Social Studies) and an email newsletter for members.


The Oregon Council for Social Studies represents social studies at all levels. With hundreds of members all over Oregon, OCSS represents the diverse spectrum of professionals concerned and involved with social studies education. OCSS is an organization that seeks to foster professional growth and articulate positions for the social studies profession on relevant issues for educators and the public community. OCSS also offers many opportunities for members to assume individual leadership roles within the association and the profession through service on OCSS committees and Oregon Department of Education advisory groups.

Classroom Support:

OCSS provides quality curriculum ideas for promoting effective teaching and learning in social studies. OCSS offers assistance to teachers interested in improving instruction and developing students' critical thinking skills with occasional papers and curriculum projects in areas such as Oregon History, elections curriculum, PK-3 Task Force on Social Studies Report, Constitution Week activities, Geography Week promotion, and social studies scope and sequence guidelines.


OCSS keeps its members current through regular publication of the OCSS Newsletter (now available on our website at www.oregonsocialstudies.org). Besides providing practical ideas for the classroom, sample lesson plans on timely topics, new information, and innovative teaching resources, the newsletter updates readers on professional opportunities, a calendar of events, free and low-cost materials, and the latest developments in the field.


OCSS sponsors a fall conference each year featuring many special sessions, workshops, speakers, and a large exhibit of social studies materials. Currently, the conference registration fees include a year's membership in OCSS.


OCSS brings together educators from all social studies disciplines and from all levels-primary through university. Through its conferences, publications, and active leadership in social studies issues, OCSS provides opportunities to discuss critical issues, exchange ideas with experts in the field, updated information in content areas, and make professional contacts and new friends. Members who choose also to join the National Council for Social Studies may benefit through its annual conventions and various publications including The Social Studies Professional, Social Education, Social Studies and the Young Learner, and Theory and Research in Social Education, Who's Who in the Social Studies, and regular Bulletins which keep members informed about professional news and opportunities, nationally, regionally, and in the states. These journals provide stimulating curriculum ideas for strengthening teaching, articles on classroom methods and resources, reviews of books, media, and materials and research.

Research and Information:

OCSS shares research on important issues in social studies, as well as improvement in curriculum and instruction through its informational services. Members with specialized interests also receive assistance in locating resources available through associated organizations such as the Oregon Geographic Alliance, the Classroom Law Project, the Oregon International Council, and the Oregon Council on Economic Education.

Travel and Study:

OCSS disseminates information and applications for NCSS-sponsored travel and study programs which allow NCSS members to travel to cultural and academic centers around the world at a fraction of what they would pay by arranging it individually. Many Oregon teachers have successfully taken advantage of fellowships for educational exchange in such places as Japan, Israel, Egypt, Eastern Europe, and China.