The Oregon Council for Social Studies represents the diverse spectrum of Oregon education professionals concerned and involved with social studies education. OCSS is an organization that seeks to foster professional growth and articulate positions for the social studies profession on relevant issues for educators and the public community.

Benefits of an OCSS Membership:

    • Leadership: OCSS advocates at the state and national level (through NCSS) to maintain and enhance the position of social studies in the curriculum

    • Awards & Scholarship: First-year teachers may apply for a scholarship to attend the OCSS fall conference. Social studies professionals may apply for the Social Studies Educator of the Year Award (elementary, middle level, high school).

    • Professional Network: OCSS members make connections with hundreds of dedicated professional colleagues at the conferences. OCSS members receive up-to-date information through the OCSS web page

    • Professional Development: OCSS sponsors state-wide conferences and workshop opportunities that feature current effective classroom applications. OCSS is an affiliate council of the National Council for Social Studies which provides numerous opportunities for professional development.

    • Research: The OCSS webpage and conference workshops inform members of social studies research, curriculum innovations, trends, and best practices.

Benefits of NCSS Membership:

    • OCSS Members who are active NCSS members with a regular or comprehensive NCSS membership receive FREE OCSS membership.

    • NCSS Publications: Members choose between Social Education (secondary level journal) and Social Studies and the Young Learner (elementary level journal). Both journals include the Middle-Level Learning supplement.

    • Current Professional News: The Social Studies Professional, keeps members up-to-date on professional opportunities, new resources, free and low-cost teaching materials, travel, and study programs.

    • Information Services: NCSS assists members in locating and acquiring curriculum standards, recommendations and guidelines, articles from NCSS journals, and other social studies education-related resources.

    • Legislative Network: Through local, state, and regional council networks NCSS keeps members on top of proposed laws and regulations that affect the social studies profession.

    • Leadership: NCSS Members are part of an organization which is ensuring that the voice of social studies teachers is heard as curriculum standards and assessments are shaped nationally.