Ann King

PDGA #2913

TDSA #0004

Born: 1959

Hometown: Watseka, IL

Raised and currently resides in Tulsa, OK


At the time Ann started playing, she was one of the few ladies that actually played the sport of disc golf. So she played with, and learned from, the male players and friends in the Tulsa and OKC area, such as; Dave King, Bill Dorn, Randy Bailey, Brad Stone, Paula Stone, Robert "Doctor Doom" Morton, and Rick Neil, just to name a few.

Ann started playing disc golf in 1984. Her husband, Dave King, along with with his friends started playing one year prior. She thought that if she was ever to see her husband again she better join in on the fun. She always joked that she would have to serve dinner on Frisbees in order for him to come home from the course.

Ann and Dave King helped to establish many of the courses in the Tulsa area, as well as the Tulsa Disc Sports Association (TDSA). They were truly devoted to the sport. When not playing they were hosting tournaments, running minis, developing new courses, anything to help grow the sport that they both loved.

Awards and Accomplishments

In 1985, Ann King won the first ever PDGA Woman Disc Golfer of the Year trophy.

Ann placed 1st in the following tournaments (and many more she can't remember, nor have they been recorded in the PDGA website yet);


Mack Attack DG Classic

Stillwater Classic

Kansas City Wide Open


Fairview Breakfast - Lions 1st Annual

5th Annual Norman Snowball

4th Annual Hell on the Border


2nd Annual Shiner Bock Open


McClure Open

5th Annual Willy Wood Classic


14th Annual Oklahoma State Championships

6th Annual Willy Wood


15th Annual Oklahoma State Championships


10th Annual Chandler Open

McClure Open

3rd Annual Doug Lack Memorial


11th Annual Chandler Tornado Open

14th Annual Haikey Creek Classic

McClure Classic

4th Annual Doug Lack Memorial


12th Annual Chandler Tornado Open