Oklahoma State Records


Updated 6/28/2015

Top Rated Oklahoma Disc Golfer Statistics
Highest Rated Pro (Current): 1013, Devan Owens & Kody Custard
Highest Rated Pro Female (Current): 932, Jennifer Allen
Highest Rated Pro (All-Time): 1030 (2012), Devan Owens
Highest Rated Pro Female (All-Time): 946 (2006), Courtney Peavy (McCoy)
Highest Rated AM (All-Time): 1004 (2013), Joseph Stettinger
Highest Rated AM Female (All-Time): 865 (2010), Leah Taylor

Top 3 Highest Rated Rounds (All-Time): 
1096: Coda Hatfield - 2005, Big Show Mid Week #1
1086: Adam Hunt - 2013, The Memorial Championship/Jared Pennington - 2008, OK State Championships/Jared Pennington - 2011, Devils Den (Tulsa, OK)
1085: Coda Hatfield - 2006, 28th Norman Pro/Am

Top 3 Highest Rated Rounds, Female, (All-Time): 
1012, Courtney Peavy (McCoy) - 2006, Charlotte Open
1003, Jennifer Allen - 2015, Gentlemen's Club Challenge 
994, Courtney Peavy (McCoy) - 2006, Southern Nationals Pro Championships

World Champions
2014: AM Worlds, 19 and under Juniors: Nick Papineau
2014: AM World Doubles, Advanced Women: Hali Torres & Andrea Wetter
2014: AM World Doubles, Advanced Senior Grandmasters: Charlie Chung and Bart Taylor
2013: AM Worlds, Advanced Masters: Keith Walker
2013: AM Worlds, Advanced Men's Putting Champion: Nicody Tucker
2013: AM Worlds, Mixed Doubles: Kristen Chandler and John Hatcher
2012: AM Worlds, 10 and under Juniors: Forest Deason
2009: AM Worlds, Advanced Masters: Joe Rotan
2006: AM Worlds, 19 and under Juniors: Joseph Stettinger
2005: AM Worlds, 16 and under Juniors, Devan Owens
2003: PRO Worlds Mix Doubles: Kevin McCoy & Elaine King
2001: PRO Worlds Doubles: Kevin McCoy & Scott Stokely
2000: AM Worlds, Distance Champion, Matt Steward, 519', Innova Firebird
1999: AM Worlds, Advanced Grand Masters: John Green
1986: PRO Worlds, Grand Masters: R.L. Styles
1985: PRO Worlds, Female Champion: Ramona Hale

Major Wins

National Tournament Wins

Special Awards
2006: Brent Hambrick TD of the Year: TDSA
1993: PDGA Volunteer of the Year: Jeff Homburg
1988 PDGA Senior Player of the Year, Jim Olsen Sr. Award: RL Styles
1984: PDGA Female Player of the Year. J &P Cup: Ann King

International Wins

Honorable Mentions (Significant Tournament Finishes)

Individual Records
All-Time Longest Throw (PRO Men): 612, Jared Pennington, 2014
All-Time Longest Throw (PRO Women): 405, Jennifer Allen, 2015
All-Time Longest Throw (AM Men): 549, Nick Papineau, 2015
All-Time Longest Throw (AM Women): 267, Shelly Smith, 2012
Most Time Aloft (MTA): 12.00 seconds, Dale Patterson, 2002
10+ Second MTA Club;
12.00 - Dale Patterson [2002]
10.03 - Mark Vasicek [2013]