CORRIGAN, Edward. Top refugee lawyer: it is not anti-Semitism to defend Palestinian rights

Edward Corrigan is one of the top Immigration and refugee lawyers in Canada and has written extensively on Jewish opposition to racist Zionism (see: ).


Edward Corrigan on false racist Zionist allegations of anti-Semitism against those criticizing  Israeli human rights abuses (2010): “It must be recognized that there is a wide range of opinion on Zionism within the Jewish community. We must reject specious arguments and false allegations of anti-Semitism. We need to fight for freedom of speech, academic freedom, critical inquiry and democratic debate, at all universities and colleges, in the media, in the halls of political power and all across North America. Individuals should be allowed to decide for themselves questions regarding Zionism and the Palestinians based on open debate, the facts, and informed opinion, not on suppression of debate, intimidation and censorship.” [1].


[1]. Edward Corrigan, “Is it anti-Semitic to defend Palestinian rights?”, OpEd News, 12 January 2010: .