Photovoices of Recovery

Through the use of Photovoice, NAMI Greater Indianapolis is advocating for persons with a mental illness in a new and engaging way!

See below for information on our various projects!

May is Mental Health Month!

We are collecting YOUR mental health stories on our Photovoices of Recovery Facebook page. Images to share include:

  • Pictures representing the positive and/or negative effects of COVID-19 on your existing mental health condition. (Treatment, medication complications, therapy, crises, etc.)
  • Pictures representing the positive and/or negative effects of COVID-19 on your mental health. (Stresses, coping skills, new challenges, etc.)
  • Pictures representing the positive and/or negative ways you are coping with your mental health. (Telehealth, self-care, coping strategies, etc.)

Make sure to add a short description to help others better understand your photo story.

Pictures will be reviewed by staff before they are made public. Please share YOUR OWN story, not the story of someone else. If displaying pictures of persons other than the person uploading the picture, you will need verbal consent to post; we will ask!

NAMI Greater Indianapolis Recipient of the 2019 Trailblazer Award

With funding from the Indiana CTSI, NAMI Greater Indianapolis was awarded a community engagement award in conjunction with IU School of Medicine.

Our project titled: Building Grass Roots Advocacy through Photovoice for Improved Policy and Practice Targeting Health & Healthcare Needs Among Individuals with Mental Illness .

This research project seeks to empower local members with mental illness to participate in self-advocacy by informing supportive policies and practices among key Indiana stakeholders (i.e., policy makers and health system leaders) through community-based participatory research using Photovoice methods.

Specific aims include:

Aim 1: Identify effects of mental health challenges on work, family, and social functioning.

Aim 2: Identify healthcare, environmental, and social factors that positively and negatively affect recovery and self-sufficiency for individuals with mental illness.

Aim 3: Assess impact of Photovoice project on participants and stakeholders.

CURRENT PROGRESS: Initial Photovoice Facilitator Training is completed. Virtual and in-person Photovoice groups to complete their projects in the 2020 calendar year.