Peer Support Research


NAMI Greater Indianapolis is honored to partner with Indiana University School of Medicine as the community partner for this study. This very important research is to help find appropriate anxiety treatments for those coming into emergency departments with low-risk chest pain.

Peer Support Research
School of Medicine

NAMI Greater Indianapolis

Peer Support Specialists for the PACER study:

Ashlyn Hopkins

Brittany Crone

Ernani Magalhaes

Audra Jarrard

Ashlyn Bridgewater

Lejla Pasalic


Provider Peer Support

NAMI Greater Indianapolis with the IU Emergency Department led Provider Peer Support groups for doctors on the front lines of COVID during the 2020 pandemic.

Annals of Emergency Medicine
NAMI Frontline Wellness

NAMI's Public Policy Position on the issue of mental health questions on licensure application forms for medical professionals