Versione italiana

                    Edited by Piernicola Cocchiaro   

        The MAM, Museo d'Arte sul Mare (Museum of Art on the Sea), founded in June 2012, is a permanent outdoor museum that extends throughout the south pier of San Benedetto del Tronto and hosts 221 artworks of which 194 are sculptures and 27 are murals and installations by 194 artists coming from 40 countries of 5 continents. 

        In addition are present 3 sculptures created by Mario Lupo, Genti Tavanxhiu, Marcello Sgattoni.

        The artwork of the master Mario Lupo, which was created in 1986, thanks to the Circolo dei Sambenedettesi, is the largest and it is a bronze of about eight meters (26 feet) dedicated to Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, protagonist of the book of Richard Bach.

        No less evocative is the monumental sculpture in travertine created by Genti Tavanxhiu in 2006 on commission by the Lions Club San Benedetto del Tronto Host and dedicated to Monsignor Francesco Sciocchetti.

        There is also a very interesting sculptural group in travertine "Presepe" (Nativity), composed by 9 characters facing towards an original "Nativity of Jesus” submerged but visible in the sea, created between 2010 and 2019 by the naive sculptor Giuseppe Straccia.  

        The Museo d'Arte sul Mare of San Benedetto del Tronto is unique in its genre both for the beauty of its environment and for its lengths of almost one kilometer .

        Its first and second section, of about 600 meters, hosts the sculptures in high and low relief and in the round.

        The third section of about 300 meters, is instead dedicated to mural painting. It now displays artworks created by famous Italian and foreign street artists and local Schools.


                                       View of the MAM (on the left)