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Theo Gevers with the UvA spinoff company SightCorp in conjunction with Leiden University developed the software which has attracted considerable attention in the media:
NOS Journaal, Saturday 14 November 7:10. Radio 1.

EOS Wetenschap:
Economisch nieuws:

* SURFnet announced the 10 winning pairs of the Innovation Challenge “ICT & Education”

Each winning pair won the amount of 10.000 euros to develop ICT innovation. Two of the winning teams involve a VU member and one team a UvA member.
This with the focus on developing more personalized and more flexible education.
See link for more information (only in Dutch) and

* Emoji2Video featured in MIT Technology Review

 The Emoji2Video search engine developed by Spencer Cappallo, Thomas Mensink and Cees Snoek was featured on MIT Technology Review in the same week that it was presented at the ACM Multimedia conference. This research shows how emojis can be used to give a dense, easy-to-understand representation of what’s happening in images and videos - something that you can comprehend no matter what language you speak, or whether or not you can read. See the live demo on: Full article: Also appeared on:;



* Google glass with emotion recognition software to help children with autism


Google glass with emotion recognition software could help children with autism to learn facial expressions to convey their corresponding emotions. The aim is to make it possible for autistic children to interact naturally with other people in social events. The emotion recognition software has been developed by Sightcorp, a spin-off of the UvA, and Prof. Theo Gevers (Computer Vision Group). Blog: Video: