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Practical English Flipped Classroom

In 2016 I participated in Blendkit, a MOOC provided by the University of Central Florida, using the Canvas LMS. During the course I redesigned the Practical English course I teach, to include an online portion. To do this I had to determine which content would be presented online and what learners would accomplish in class, in order to effectively support the learning objectives. I created two visual maps to help determine the two spheres of this blended course using templates from UCF.

To better understand the interactions that would take place in the blended learning in greater detail, and how these interactions would support learning objectives I used an integration chart.

Next I created a basic schedule of learning assignments that would occur in both of the spheres displayed above. This would be provided to the students in class in the first week and provided online.

Students would also be provided both f2f and online a course syllabus and description of course expectations to clearly help them understand how they could participate successfully in this course.

After roughly drafting the course it was time to choose an LMS that was suitable for this course. I chose Schoology because it was practical and easy for instructors and students to navigate. Ideally in the future I would like to encourage other professors that teach this same course to utilize the resources that I create and discover in their own blended versions of this class. Here is a short video that provides an overview of one week of f2f and online class.

Blendkit video tour.mp4

In the second class of the semester I began class with a BYOD activity. Students registered for the online portion of the course in class, created bios and took profile pics using their phones. This was an engaging and fun activity which made their first experience with the online portion of the course a positive one. I also created a quick screencast tutorial using Jing and Camtasia to help students who were not in class join the course.

Schoology Student Access How To.mp4

If you are interested in understanding some of the thoughts behind my design decisions more deeply feel free to visit my blog.