DscKeypad on Google Play:

This is a DSC keypad emulator that allows you to use your android phone as an additional local keypad (for example beside your bed at night, no wiring required).

This app works with an Envisalink card connected to a DSC Power System Panel and LAN wired into your switch or router. It can be used with a wifi or ethernet capable phone or tablet connected to your router. Use of the EYEZ-ON service is also highly recommended but is not required.

The DscServer App, is also available as an alternative. The server app provides some additional capabilities for remote access and self monitoring, and can eliminate the need to use the eyezon service.

DO NOT expose your Envisalink IP connection to an unprotected network; communication provided by the card is not secure. Use this app only inside your secure network. If you must use this app remotely you can setup the DscServer or use an SSH server with passthrough for secure access, see SSH Servers for details. The EYEZ-ON service is a better alternative in most cases.

Note: you need to assign your envisalink card a static IP address for the keypad to connect.