MPP App Suite

Information and user support for the MPP Android Application Suite.

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The MPP App Suite provides android phone or tablet based applications that can be used to control and manage wifi and web based automation gadgets.  They also add the ability to set up your own servers so you can run an "INTRAnet of things" in your own home in addition to an "Internet of things" when it makes sense (and it's save/secure) to access them externally.

Below is an android tablet I keep handy in my kitchen, I have another in my home office and a few more scattered around, and the same thing on my phone for when I'm away.
Have an old PC or laptop, or a slow netbook that serves no useful purpose?  Or already running a dedicated server of some kind?

Use the java implementations of my device proxy servers to run on any available system - the requirements for the java servers are quite modest.  Check them out in the Downloads section.
You could dump windows for android and turn it into a platform to run your home automation. Ask over at, then come back to ask me how to make it your automation server platform. Or run Android as a guest, I've used GenyMotion, and the Android-SDK will also work (albeit a little more slowly).

(Note that the licensed Android apps need an emulator that supports Google accounts and Google play; at last check the ones above do so).