MPP App Suite

Information and user support for the MPP Android Application Suite.

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The MPP App Suite provides android phone or tablet based applications that can be used to control and manage wifi and web based automation gadgets. They also add the ability to set up your own servers so you can run an "INTRAnet of things" in your own home rather than exposing your home to the security risks introduced by the Internet of Things (IoT).

The current home automation trend/direction is to convince you to fill your home with low cost "cloud connected" (aka cloud only) IoT devices which are simple to connect. Google, Amazon, Belkin, Ring, TP Link, various China based manufactures, et al, want this to happen - they want to know what you do around your home and when you do it - they can track your behavior and use it for marketing or more nefarious purposes. Think about it - do you really want (let alone need) the automation that runs your home to leave your home? Of course not, everything should happen within your home and home network.

Setting up your own server to replace the manufacture's cloud (their fancy name for their internet servers) is easy with MPP: Running MPP Servers.

Doing this dramatically increases reliability, privacy, and security when you use your devices - data is kept locally on your own devices and is not shared with the manufacturer. They are no longer able to track your use of their devices (nor charge for it!), nor share your personal data with anyone else. By eliminating their servers you also remove two serious points of failure - the internet and their servers. Your devices will keep working even if the manufacturer goes out of business or loses interest in supporting their servers, their servers crash, or your own internet access is down.

Below is an android tablet I keep handy in my kitchen, I have another in my home office and a few more scattered around, and a similar interface on my phone for when I'm away.

Using old android tablets as consoles for controlling your home and automation.