Last update: Mar 15, 2015

Note: I am junior researcher. Ideas of this page are shallow, will improve by time.

Researchers Orientations

Researchers behaviour is highly related to what they want to achieve. Their mentality draws their research contributions, ranging from dummy work, passing with nice work and ending to rocking work.

Quantitative researchers

  • Many researchers, specially in low quality universities will just care with pushing "many" research work in low ranked conferences and Journals.
  • Never waste your life like that!

Qualitative researchers

  • These ones are more prestigious. Their work is in top tier conferences and Journals.
  • The researchers/their students are clever to: find right problem, discover some new novelty thoughts and do proper experimenting
  • The critical question: Imagine we removed all their work from literature...Does it affect negatively the literature?
    • I mean, their work was major push to knowledge front then removing it is critical
    • Or it just was some nice work referenced say by ~10-40 persons in "related work" section
  • I understand that such work is important for researchers to get funds. Or being forced to narrow our scope to work on some specific problem due to grant of a customer. Or may some limitation from the company we are working in it.

Knowledge push researchers

  • First, I want you investigate well these 2 researchers profiles.
  • These type of researchers are those ones with big vision for the field.
  • They know the right potential problems and directions to investigate.
  • They sure attract many strong students who help them reach destination.
  • They are oriented toward pushing knowledge front of the field, not pushing more papers in conferences
  • Naturally, they will eventually have much citations and papers
  • However, in a semi-periodic manner, some of their work will be rocking in the literature
  • Now, try to imagine removing their work from literature? We are affected highly!
  • The world needs more from that type. Have your ultimate goal pushing the knowledge.
  • Don't fake yourself. Understand your affect on literature..on pushing knowledge from.
    • Is it powerful? yes, no, not enough...WHY?