Top Tier conferences and journals

1) Journals

Journals have impact factor. Google how to know a journal impact factor..plenty information is available.

2) Conferences

Nothing well defined at all. We guess that. Here are some tips:

- Ask your supervisor, if his work known to be high quality.

- Typically stars of a field submit only in top tier conferences. If you know 1 star, you knew them.

- Also...If you have 1 top tier conference paper, it will reference top tier conferences...following references can determine them.

- One more way....Google them...find many pages describing top ones...intersect them..pick around 3-5 top ones.

3) Example: Vision Field

For vision field, here is what I understood through experience:

    • Top tier Conferences: CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, NIPS, IJCAI
    • High Prestigious Second Tier Conferences: BMVC
    • Prestigious Second Tier Conferences: ICIP, ACCV, ICPR, SIGGRAPH
    • Top tier Journals: PAMI, IJCV
    • Less Journals: CVIU, IVC

Last update: 10 Jan, 2015