My Competitive Programming Trip

Competitions Achievements

  • 2011 ACM ICPC World Finalist in Orlando, Florida - USA
  • 2nd rank 2010 Arab Collegiate Programming Contest (Qualified for World Finals)
  • 2nd rank 2009 Arab Collegiate Programming Contest
  • 1st rank 2009 Egypt National ACM Programming Contest.
  • 1st rank 2009 Egypt National Warm-UP ACM Programming Contest.
  • 3rd rank 2008 Arab Collegiate Programming Contest
  • 5th rank 2008 Egypt National ACM Programming Contest.
  • 2nd rank 2007 Egypt IOI Qualification Contest.
  • 2nd rank 2006 Egypt National ACM Programming Contest.
  • 1st rank 2006 Egypt National Warm-UP ACM Programming Contest.
  • 8th rank 2005 Egypt Olympiad in Informatics (EOI), Silver Medal.
  • 12th rank 2005 Egypt National ACM Programming Contest.

Judge, Chief Judge, Problem Setter

  • In 2011, I was chief judge for 2 contests:
    • Egypt National ACM Programming Contest
    • Jordanian National ACM Programming Contest
  • Judge & Problem Setter in Arabian Regional ACM ICPC 2012/2013


  • Since 2014, I have started in coaching activities. In 2014 I trained a single team and followed up with them in 2015.
    • The team was the region champion in 2015
  • In 2016, I supervised a group of 3 trainees of different levels.
  • In 2017, I supervised 30 students, many of them were part of the top teams in the region
  • In 2018, following up with some trainees from 2017 and few guys from 2018 applications
  • In 2017/2018, involved in SFU-ACM-ICPC administration/problem setting activities for their Winter Programming Contests.

Channel and Sheet

  • In 2013, I have started recording videos for almost all what I learned in competitive programming
    • My youtube channel: Arabic Speech, but English Materials (Github).
    • The intent is not an algorithmic channel, but competitive programming perspective
  • Juniors Google sheet of around 800 problems covering what trainees need for Codeforces Div2
    • Newcomers waste much time in an organized fashion.
    • The sheet offers a complete roadmap: What to solve and learn in order
  • Semi-senior Google Sheet: In Progress

Last Update: April 2018