Mostafa Saad Ibrahim

Computer Vision Researcher @ Huawei

PhD with Prof Greg Mori @SFU

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I have a mix of experience in Software Engineering, 2D Computer Vision Research and Algorithms Design. My interests are to apply Computer vision and Machine Learning to solve real-world problems.

I received Ph.D. in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Canada, MSc degree in Computer Science from Cairo University in 2012, and B.Sc. in 2008 from the same university. Before switching to the Research career, I had worked as Software Engineer for several years in large-scale applications. Since 2005, I have been active in programming competitions community. In 2011 I was ACM ICPC world finalist, and since that he has been playing other roles such as Judge, Chief Judge, Problem Setter and Coach. I have interest in volunteer activities, and his Youtube channel has few hundreds of videos about algorithms and competitive programming.

My Research Interests are in the area of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I have had experience with problems such as Semantic Image Segmentation, Image Classification, Object Localization and Object Tracking.

My Experience is 4 folds

  • Research Experience: I have 6 years research background in Computer Vision. I Started with an internship in Microsoft Egypt, followed by my Master Studies. then PhD from Simon Fraser University with Prof Greg mori. Right now, Lead Computer Vision Scintest at Flex AI.
  • Software Engineering in large scale projects (Bill payment network [Fawry Company] - Storage Management [NTPSoftware Company]). Languages: C/C++ - Java SE and EE.
  • Teaching: I worked as teaching assistant in Computer Sciencce for several years. I like education and knowledge sharing. Major teaching experience in Cairo university, where TA role may include materials preparation and explanation in labs / sections.
  • Have been competing in Programming Competitions (ICPC, TC, USACO, UVA..etc) 2005-2014. Got ranks 2nd and 3rd in ACM ICPC regional level and was ACM ICPC World Finalist in 2011. Through this period, I played roles such as contestant, trainer, coach, problem setter, judge and chief judge. In my YouTube channel, I described many of advanced algorithms and data structures. Since 2016, I am running an online coaching program, with 30+ trainees.

More about me

  • Muslim, Husband and Father
  • Love volunteering activities, especially helping students
  • Social! I organise regularly gatherings and BBQs for some Egyptians here in Vancouver.