Before Monarch was named it was called CDSS1

Ive just got one of these systems, the consoles are just great.

Monarch as UXD5
Monarch as Public Exchange

I'm working on scanning and OCRing the many documents I have, to share on the internet. Click here for Documents section

I'm also trying to build up a library of Eprom/Rom/EEPROM images of code and customers databases to share.
I would love to add your customer data base to the library
And also need help working out  how to Edit the tables in the customer data base to repair a dodgy one I have.
The how to generate the CRC/Checksum

Below the 4kX 8BIT  Eprom Daughter board for storing the customer data base
Marked 16k RAM/12k NV RAM
ASU 2A1/SA 20076 EET82/1RR