This is the official site for MikuMikuMoving, a 3D animation software compatible with MikuMikuDance.

System requirements

 MikuMikuMoving V1
Windows Vista or later
.Net Framework 4.6.1 or later
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Component
DirectX 9.0c(2010 Feb or a more recent version)

If you're not sure whether you meet the requirements, you may try downloading the software in the links below.

.NET Framework 4.6.1
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package(x86)
DirectX End User Runtime Web Installer 

 MikuMikuMoving V2
Windows Vista or later
.Net Framework 4.0 or later
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Component
DirectX 11 (Need DirectX11 supported graphic card)


MikuMikuMoving version 03 Jun 2018

MikuMikuMoving V2 beta 18 Oct 2015

Old Versions DOWNLOAD


Modified effects for MikuMikuMoving (V1 Only)
 03 May 2013
 27 Apr 2012 SvDOF2 DOWNLOAD
 06 Jul 2012
 TrueCamera DOWNLOAD
 06 Jul 2012 MotionBlur DOWNLOAD
 01 May 2012
 27 Apr 2012 WorkingFloorX
 05 Jul 2012 WorkingFloor2 DOWNLOAD
 27 Apr 2012 MirrorWater DOWNLOAD
 28 Apr 2012
 28 Apr 2012 MultiMonitor DOWNLOAD
 28 Apr 2012 Sakura DOWNLOAD
 27 Apr 2012 Balloon DOWNLOAD
 01 May 2012
 DigitalRipple DOWNLOAD
 03 May 2013 AdultShader DOWNLOAD
 03 May 2013 SeriousShader DOWNLOAD
 03 May 2013 Brushed Shader
 03 May 2013 Mechanic Shader v2.0
 08 Jul 2012 FukaFuka Grassland

Install/Uninstall method

MikuMikuMoving can be installed simply by unzipping the archive contents to a desired folder.
It writes no registry entries.
To uninstall, delete the unzipped folder in its entirety.

The files produced upon activating the program are settings files.
They may be deleted without issue.

Stores general settings and folder information
DockLayout.xmlStores information about the dock layout
CommandBarLayout.xmlStores information about the middle command bar's layout


If you find some bugs, please report to the following mail-address.
If an exception occurs, please attach the log.
And please describe the conditions (specific model, motion, timing)


Any claims from Crypton Future Media or other holders of Vocaloid series related intellectual property rights may result in cancellation of this software's distribution.


The creator of this software(hereafter referred to as Mogg) cannot be held responsible for any perceived losses resulting from the use of this software(hereafter referred to as MikuMikuMoving).

By using MikuMikuMoving, you agree to use MikuMikuMoving at your own risk.

There is no need to contact Mogg, or request permission from Mogg, when distributing any files output by MikuMikuMoving(including MPJ, VMD, MVD, as well as any image or video file made using the software).
However, Mogg cannot be  held responsible for problems of any kind resulting from the distribution of files produced by or using MikuMikuMoving.
Please pay due caution with regard to the rights holders of any music, pictures, videos, or characters you may use.