Ukulele Group

  • Venue: Metchosin Community House, 4430 Happy Valley Rd. (next to Metchosin Fire Hall)
  • Third Friday of each Month
  • Starts at 5:00 pm sharp- runs to 6:30— no intermission— we’re having too much fun playing.
  • Suggested donation at the door: $2 per person 
  • All House users are recommended to buy a $10 annual membership in the MCA
  • For more information contact Memet Burnett at

Since 2015, this MCA sponsored drop-in program has welcomed all ages who love to play ukulele and sing. Yes! We sing too. Imagine a campfire with everyone in a circle, singing folk songs and playing ukes.  (Now imagine all that with no campfire.) This is an informal group: there is no sign-up, no audition and no preregistration. Come when you can. New people show up almost every session and are WELCOME!

Ukes are trendy, fun, portable, easy to learn, and a blast to play. Also, it is hard to make one sound bad. Playing in a groups is a great way to learn. The noise of many players masks many mistakes!

Bring: your uke, a tuner, a music stand, a small binder or duo-tang for hand-outs, and The Daily Ukulele (this last not essential). 

The Daily Ukulele is a fairly comprehensive basic music book that many of us have. It is available on line through Amazon, or at Long and McQuade or Tom Lees.  If you are just wanting to check us out just for a session or two, we will happily share our books with you. (That said, it is nice to have a songbook with chords and songs to play at home.) 


Much of our additional music sheets can be downloaded from this website:  Click Here

If you are a rank beginner (who has never picked up a uke), you are welcome to come and listen, and perhaps learn your first chords (CGA… maybe even F&D if you are feeling adventurous!). Also, come a smidge early so we can help you tune. We have a range of abilities, and songs can be played with fewer or easier chords if you do not have a huge chord repertoire yet. If you want to get some basics under your belt before the session (or between sessions), I highly recommend Cynthia Lin and her online, free lessons #1-6. Check out her first lesson here

If you are a more experienced player, please feel free to bring a song (with ~10 copies for the group) to share/ teach to everyone.