Parents and Tots

The Parents and Tots program was created by Metchosin Community Association to help parents, caregivers and children avoid the isolation that sometimes comes with living in a rural environment like Metchosin. 

Children from newborn to six years of age are received in a family environment that allows them to feel happy and secure.  It provides an ideal time each week when children can gather to have fun and learn.

During the two hours everyone socializes. Parents and caregivers gather to share aspects of their daily lives, while children have fun playing with a variety of materials. A worthwhile time for all!




The program has three parts: one is "The Musical Experience" with an music teacher, who introduces the children to the wonderful world of music.



The second part is “The Snack" in which children share fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods.

Parents are encouraged to bring a snack to share with the group.  Please, due to FoodSafe requirements, your snack must be store-bought and in its original sealed packaging.


The third part is dedicated to "Toys and Other Activities" where children play and express their creativity and imagination, sharing ideas and toys. This is an ideal time to acquire more patience and respect for others.

If the weather allows, the children can enjoy the little playground and outdoor toys.

Foodsafe snacks are available for all participants and coffee and tea are provided for the parents.


Parents get a chance to talk to other parents of young children to share their experiences and to socialize.