Metchosin Day

  • Venue: Metchosin Community House and Municipal Grounds
    4430 Happy Valley Rd. 
  • Yearly on the second weekend of September
  • Starts at 11:00 am and runs until evening

Every year the Metchosin Community Association participates in the local Metchosin Day festivities by operating a Corn on the Cob sales booth and hosting a Tea and Cobbler cafe in the Metchosin Community House.

MCA volunteers cook up dozens of fresh cobs to sell to eager buyers who can't get enough of this local fresh produce dipped in butter.  The volunteers also cook up the corn for the Metchosin Day Salmon/Lamb BBQ dinner.

Volunteers also staff the kitchen in the Community House (next to the Firehall) and serve up fresh fruit cobbler, tea and coffee to those who want to sit for awhile and enjoy the goodies with friends.

For more information: Check out the web site.