Dedicated to initiating, encouraging and organising educational, cultural, recreational and community activities in Metchosin
                       Pearson Winter Concert

Sunday, December 1, 2019

7pm – 9pm

Metchosin Community Hall

 4401 William Head Rd.

Doors open at 6:30 pm for a 7pm start time. Admission by cash & food bank donations.

Under the direction of Choir Conductor Teodora Georgieva; “Every year, Pearson College students surprise us with a vibrant selection of songs, dance and poetry from around the world to celebrate the holiday season with their Metchosin neighbours”.

The MCA will host the popular Dessert Raffle Table where you can buy a chance to take home a delicious whole cake or other equally satisfying baked delight. And this year’s Refreshment Bake Sale will feature delectable Brownies, shimmering Sugar Cookies and healthy-yet-satisfying Energy Balls along with our delicious and warming Metchosin Apple Tea.


Mincemeat jars available for $8. Will fill an 8" pie pr make 12 tarts.

"Made-In-Metchosin Mince Pies"

Enjoy a locally created Christmas dessert. Fill your kitchen with

The delicious smell of baked mince pies

To impress your Dinner Guests

Or to give as a Holiday Hostess Gift.

The pastry is created by the generous folks at the Royal Bay Bakery in Colwood.

The light and spicy mince is enhanced using tart, local Metchosin apples.


Pies are sold frozen and unbaked

 8” pies @ $12 each

Only a limited number of pies are made each year.

Place your order with MCH at 250-478-5155.

Pick up pies at the House

  Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm, November 12 – December 4


Thursday, December 5, 5pm – 7pm

From the Metchosin Community House at 4430 Happy Valley Road

                                                              Baking instructions included.                                                                            

 Pop several pies into your freezer (or oven – if you can't wait !!).

Please forward this gift giving idea on to family and friends. Gift locally, it helps our community.

This is a Metchosin Community Association fund raiser.


Outgoing MCA past President Johnny Carline accepting token of gratitude, Past President Barbara Methvin giving speech, MCA AGM gathering, new MCA Executive, Past President Barbara Methvin, Vice President Barrett Fullerton, Treasurer Heather Showers, Secretary Sharie Epp, President Frances Krusekopf.


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