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Is there anything better than getting a really good deal from one of the businesses that serve Metchosin residents? Well, maybe doing something meaningful for a really good local cause. How do you top that? How about getting a really good deal in support of a really good local cause! That is what the 5th annual Metchosin Auction is all about.

If you went to the 2014 Auction you will know that nearly sixty local companies and individuals donated services ranging from firewood splitting to a limo winery tour, from a septic tank pumpout to portrait painting. The value of the services offered range from about $100 to well over a thousand. And almost always the winning bid is a steal!

The event is a hoot with the auctioneers winging it and interacting with the audience in a way that has everyone laughing, feeling good and wanting to bid some more. Which is great because this year the proceeds will go to help fund MCA’s services, including the Parents and Tots program. This is an immensely valuable service which provides the opportunity for tots to play and learn together while their parents swap stories, share tips and make friendships.

The donors are happy about the increased profile given to their services. In fact 2014 donors confirmed that the auction increased enquiries for their services. Bidders leave happy about the great deals they got or, like fishers, talking about the ‘one that got away’. And the community has succeeded once again in coming together to find a way to have a good time while contributing something worthwhile to Metchosin.

The auction will be held at the Metchosin Community House, fuelled by the renowned MCA Hospitality, on Friday, March 27, 2015 beginning at 7 p.m. Mark your calendars and plan on being there for one of the best couple of hours you’ll spend all year.

Keep your eye on this MCA website for more information and check out the online bidding which started at the beginning of March (the highest on-line bid becomes the starting bid at the live auction). And if you are one of the wonderful companies or service providers who have donated in the past or if you are a company eager to become part of this great Metchosin tradition (and help your business profile in the process), we encourage you to call Heather at 250-478-5155 and talk about what you might be able to donate. Donations may be accepted up to the day before the live auction.