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MCA at Metchosin Day – Sunday, September 13. Watch for notices announcing the friendly competitions sponsored by the MCA: Pie Baking Contest / Cake Baking Contest / Photo Contest- which is coordinated by the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre Association, Contact - Art Brendon.  Come visit the Metchosin Community House-sponsored Corn Booth for a steaming and delicious cob of Island fresh corn. When you are ready for rest and refreshment in a quiet setting, wander over to the Community House Tea Room. Each year the Metchosin Community Association is integrally involved in Metchosin Day.

We are looking for an hour or two from volunteers who may be willing to assist in coordinating or to helping man some of these activities:

  • Set up and/or take down
  • Strawberry Tearoom
  • Photo Contest
  • Pie & Cake Baking Contest
  • Bake Sale (contest entries)
  • Corn Booth
  • Rest Area canopy

It is always great fun being involved in helping to make this community event the special day we’ve come to enjoy.

Check out the newly created Metchosin Day website at metchosinday.ca or contact the Metchosin Community House Office 478-5155.  “See you at the Fair”!!

Pies and Cakes

It won’t be a walk in the park but it will be “sweet” for a whole bunch of folks attending Metchosin Day 2015.  Heads up, the annual Metchosin Day Bake Off is coming and we know there are all sorts of closet bakers out there who want to be discovered.

 Local cake makers are encouraged to enter their baking under the 4 general categories of:

·       BUTTER CAKES (e.g. white, spice, yellow).

·       EGG CAKES (e.g. chiffon, sponge, angle food).

·       SPECIALTIY CAKES (e.g. fresh fruit, dried fruit, nut).

·       CHOCOLATE CAKE (in a class all of its own).

All cakes are to be from scratch and iced and/or decorated.

 PIE bakers will want their recipes to be within these categories:

·  Apple,

·  Berry,

·  Fruit,

·  Mixed Fruit,

·  Exotic Pie (e.g. nut).

All crusts are to be made from scratch. Decorations are to be edible.

First, second and third place prize ribbons will be awarded in each category as well as a rosette ribbon for both Best of Show and Best Decorated.

BAKE OFF SUBMISSIONS MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE DISTRICT COUNCIL CHAMBERS BY 11:30 A.M.  Mark your name and phone number on the bottom of your baking dish, plus your age if you are a junior.

 *Please do not use your most treasured baking dishes – if you win best of Show the dish might get lost in the excitement as it did last year (for the first time since these contests started).

Now for the fun part. The “Best of Show” winning pie and cake will each be raffled off.  There will be $2 draw tickets for sale at the contest area. 

By popular demand, the baked items will be sold to the public, so keep an eye on what  fabulous home-made items are entered in the contest this year.

See the Metchosin Day website for up-dates during the summer.