Just a few of our dedicated smiling Directors and Volunteers serving up hungry Metchosin Day folks.                                 

APPLE FESTIVAL – October 7 – 11am – 3pm. The 119th running of the mostly annual Apple-Bee Festival is here again!  

Happening on Sunday October 7th from 11 to 3 pm at the Community House and grounds. There will be presentations about apples, and bees, and apple juice making, apple sauce tasting and pie making, and of course apple hurling with medieval siege engines, and maybe even a few hydraulic ones!

You can make your own apple pie and take it home for baking (yum!) and there will be apple and honey vendors, and since it is market day you can also stock up on local groceries and crafts. You can also relax and have yummy baked apple and enjoy a relaxing tea and snack in the Community House.