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Update: November 2021

The House is OPEN to program users and private renters following COVID restrictions.

The MCA requests that all program leads, and private renters review our organization’s "Communicable Disease Prevention Guidelines", which are based on recommendations from BC Health.

Community House user groups and private renters are required to self-monitor and not use the facility if they are ill or/and have symptoms of communicable disease, or have had recent contact with someone who has a communicable disease.

Masks must be worn inside the House by everyone aged 5 and up, except by those with valid health reasons. Masks may be temporarily lowered to eat or drink.

Proof of vaccination is required for everyone aged 12 and up for certain events with over 50 people, except by those with valid health reasons. The MCA does not require proof of vaccination from event participants and renters below the age of 12 and if less than 50 people. It is at the discretion of program organizers how they request proof of vaccination.

The MCA strongly recommends that these guidelines are a minimum, and suggest rental and program organizers err on the side of caution when enforcing masking and vaccination guidelines, especially when there are high-risk participants or activities (e.g. singing and dancing) in the house. The MCA also encourages rentals and program organizers leave windows / doors open to promote better ventilation. The rental and program organizers are responsible for proper cleaning and disinfection of the house after each event.


The MCHouse is a great venue to hold a dinner party, a group meeting, a family gathering, a wedding reception or really any gathering. We have the space and many times that may suit your needs. Consider utilizing your community house for your next gathering!

To view photos of the House click on this rental link Rentals section and click on the view photos of the facility and to check for an available date please click on the following calendar link calendar of events page.

For inquiries please leave a message at 250-478-5155 or email mcahouse@telus.net and continue to visit our website for updates.