Backup Data

Here, there will be some data from Eta Universe, the Star Trek Universe I use for Continuity. This is the backbone of it, and is minimal. For more, Read some FASA/SFB Manuals, Novels, and watch some Episodes and Movies.

There's not much here, although you CAN access the old site

For links, use the old Transwarp Network here:

For Brevity's Sake, use the archived ship pages from the old side. New Downloads will be available soon, and there will be a "New Ships" page. Also, I recently finished a conversion of a couple Companion Games Argonian Ships to the STCS 3rd Edition when the site went down, they are rather remarkable.

Here is Miguel Roya's Page, and he is a semi-retarded hysteria-monger who invented conspiracy theories about Fat People on Geoshities, before being hosted by Seanbaby, and eventually doing "The Adventures of Chico and Guapo" with him in 2004.


I found where you can listen to the ominous Ultimate Battle Tune in Plutonia.