Caroline Newsletter

"For twelve long years Radio Caroline has continued to lead a revolution of the young, despite careless and ever-intensified harassment. It survives only because of the loyal and vigorous support of its listeners, which has never slackened."

"These listeners wish to share with Radio Caroline its triumphs and its difficulties. This Newsletter will give listeners news about life aboard, about the crew, about Disc-Jockeys and about music and musicians."

From Issue Nº 1 of the Caroline Newsletter. Published in 1977 and printed in Gerona, Spain. Newsletter was available by subscription only.

Newsletter 1 Issue 1 included an article by Tom Anderson on getting aboard the Mi Amigo and an article entitled "Abandon Ship" by Ed Foster. There was also a review of the six best albums released in 1976. These included Bowie's "Station to Station," Steely Dan's "The Royal Scam" and Dylan's "Desire." Printed on the back cover are the tops of the 1977 Top 100 Albums Chart, with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" at Nº 1.

Newsletter 2 Issue 2 was also published in 1977 but this time in the UK. This issue contained an Offshore Radio Quiz by Stevie Gordon, an article by Stuart Russell about life aboard the Mi Amigo and a History of Radio Caroline Part 1 1964-1968. There were also music reviews, news about recent events aboard and "crisp comment upon the Law and the broadcasting scene."

Newsletter 3 Issue 3, again with a 1977 publishing date, continued in the same vein as Issue 2. This issue contained an article by James Ross about his time on the Peace Ship in Israel, diagrams of the Mi Amigo, record reviews by Johnny Jason, plus many more interesting articles and listeners' contributions.

Newsletter 4 Issue 4, with a 1977-78 publishing date, opens bleakly "The organisational team that keeps Caroline going has recently received some very nasty knocks ... tendering "Mi Amigo" has become an extremely difficult and hazardous task." Newsletter also begins to take up the case of J. Jackson-Hunter who was found guilty of displaying a Caroline car sticker. After refusing to pay the fine he was put in prison and subsequently went on hunger strike. On a lighter note there was a review of the Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks" album, and articles on the Tom Robinson Band amongst others.

Newsletter 5 In Issue 5, published in 1978, Newsletter complained bitterly after its Post Office Box in Crawley, West Sussex was taken away. A Post Office spokesperson stated that, "It was brought to our attention that this box number was being used in connection with a Magazine about Radio Caroline." "What brought it to the attention of the Post Office?", retorted Newsletter. Articles in this issue were "Any Questions" by Ed Foster and "Why we went off air" by Stuart Russell and Roger Matthews. Groups reviewed include Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Dr Feelgood, XTC, and Nick Lowe.

Newsletter 6 Issue 6, also published in 1978, was the last regular issue to be printed. John Jackson-Hunter's plight continued to dominate the editorial and there was an article entitled "News About Us" put together by all the DJs on board. There's a mention of RAF jets "buzzing and dive-bombing" the Mi Amigo for fun. "When we are standing on the bridge at the stern of the ship we are prepared to swear that we can look down upon the planes as they fly over our deck!" Albums reviewed include "Power in the Darkness" by the Tom Robinson Band, Kraftwerk's "The Man Machine" and Jethro Tull's "Heavy Horses."

Newsletter Special Issue 7 was never published. However this Special Edition, dated Winter 1979/80, did appear. The note on the cover speaks for itself: "This is a summary, prepared for the Home Secretary ... of the incidents, events and facts relating to Scotland Yard's suppression of Issue Number Seven of Caroline Newsletter, and of other improper actions taken by government officials to prevent Members of Parliament enquiring into the consequences of government officials enforcement of Clause 5 (3) (f) of the "Marine Etc, Broadcasting (Offences) Act."