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Mi Amigo in 1977

Former Caroline DJ Mike Stevens very kindly sent the site some slides he took on board the Mi Amigo back in 1977. Mike was a regular voice on Caroline during 1977 and 78, and made a brief return to the station in early 1980. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

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Radio Mi Amigo studio Rough sea from bridge - down! Rough sea from bridge - up! Inquisitive helicopter - probably Belgian
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Transmitting mast from below Exterior from bridge Exterior from bridge Launching inflatable to pick up air dropped Mi Amigo tapes
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Plane that did the air drop Sighteseeing boat Radio Caroline studio Radio Caroline studio
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Radio Caroline studio Radio Caroline studio - Gates Studioette mixer Transmitter room - 10KW straight ahead, 50kW to right Galley
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Exterior from bow Exterior from bridge MV Mi Amigo MV Mi Amigo
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RAF Air Sea Rescue Helicopter RAF Air Sea Rescue Helicopter RAF helicopter returning Peter Chicago after the outboard failed on the inflatable Mike Stevens in the Caroline studio

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