Radio Caroline DJs from 1976-79

The following air checks are stored as mp3 files. Just click on the link to play or right click on the link with your mouse to save to your PC. 

 Tom Anderson  This clip is from June 20, 1976.
 Ed Foster  This clip from Nov 7, 1976.
 James Ross  James opens up Caroline's programmes for the day after some technical problems. Feb 16, 1977.
 Johnny Jason  Again from Feb 16, 1977.
 Mark Lawrence  Feb 16, 1977 again.
 Stuart Russell  Stuart opens up programmes on Caroline after the ship is almost lost - Aug 4, 1977.
 Roger Mathews  During the run up to midnight Aug 14, 1977.
 Brian Martin  Stormy weather. August 2, 1978.
 Stevie Gordon  Stevie almost falls overboard - August 28 (Bank Holiday), 1978.
 Mike Stevens  The "Caroline Countdown of Album Sounds" - August 28 (Bank holiday), 1978.
 Samantha  Sept 21, 1978. Samantha, the late Ellen Kraal, gives a time check.
 Tony Allan  April 15 (Easter Sunday), 1979. Tony returns the station to the air after a six-month period of silence.
 Tom Hardy  April 15 (Easter Sunday), 1979. The first regular Caroline show after the long break in transmissions.
 Martin Fisher  June 3, 1979. A foggy evening on the North Sea.
 Richard Thompson  Oct 20, 1979. Richard presents the "Dutch" daytime pop service.
 Mike Hagler  Nov, 1979. Mike with the Spaceplay programme, recorded in LA.
 Steven Bishop  Dec 9, 1979. Giving out the mailing address in Spain.
 Madrugada  Mark Lawrence intro to the programme with a Portuguese name, aired in the "wee small hours".

Most of the above air checks are from recordings I made personally, the rest were obtained from private collectors. While I do hope that there will be no objections to the air checks being available on this site, I will of course delete them if asked do so: E-mail.