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Welcome to the MDTAP 

Assistive Technology Library 

Assistive technology is any device designed to help people with disabilities live, work, learn, and play more independently. 

MDTAP has a library of assistive technology. This AT library is a free library available to Marylanders with disabilities, their families, and professionals and educators who work with people with disabilities. You can make an appointment to meet with our technology specialist for hands-on demonstrations of devices, or you can borrow devices from our library. Items are generally on loan for 1 to 4 weeks. 

For a complete listing of items available, click here to Browse Our Inventory. 

If you are seeking a specific device that you do not see on the website, please contact Denise Schuler at 410-554-9232 or to inquire about whether or not we have the device in storage.

Note: All visits to MDTAP's library are by appointment only. Please call MDTAP at 1-800-832-4827 or email at to arrange to see or borrow a device.