mcjTeleblender2 - case study

In Daz Studio 4.6 64-bit Windows

i load the ready-to-render "Fiery Genesis 2"

i add Aiko3 hair figure

i add my free bodycon for Genesis

animate her for 30 frames

i download the latest version of mcjTeleBlender 2,

labeled (51k)mCasual Jacques, Apr 14, 2013, 12:34 PM

i install it in

c:\Program Files (x86)\DAZ\Studio\content\

but many will install it in a place like 

C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\Scripts\mcasual

i also download the latest version of mcjBlendbot

labeled (15k) mCasual Jacques, Nov 9, 2013, 6:21 AM

since my Blender is installed in

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71

i unzip in

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.71\scripts\modules

in Daz Studio 4.6 i start mcjTeleblender

i click the "Restore Defaults" button 

now everyone should have this

I change device to GPU and CUDA since my card sipports it

The "Scene-Frames to export as obj files" setting is properly set for my 30 frames animation

the "Render Range" is also appropriately frames 0 to 30

I make sure "Location of blender.exe" is indeed 

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender

"Export Scene as obj/mtl files" is currently pointing at the folder "C:\scene.obj"

that's not a good location, the C:\ folder is a jealously guarded folder

so i create a folder in


named tbScenes

and i set "Export Scene as obj/mtl files" to this folder and the filename scene.obj

i turn the "Collect Maps" option On, since i expect i'll have to downsize the image maps

the "Use this path and file type" option is presently set to C:/tmp/images and JPEG

this folder does not exist !

so i create one in C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Document

named tbPics

and i change  "Use this path and file type"

to C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Document\tbPics\pic.jpg


i click the Export/Open current frame" button

and a few seconds later i'm in Blender

i click Blender's Render button

the 100 passes render looks like this

i look closely to see if the skin uses an image map and not just a color ....

yes ! 

funny i was expecting white eyes but i guess genesis 2 uses the transparency maps!

i close Blender

if i look in my tbScenes folder

i see the obj and mtl file which contain the geometry and material definitions

the .bat batch file which can be used to re-launch the whole thing

the .py ( python script ) file which contains additional commands to load lights and cameras and more

there's a "Maps" folder which means our "Collect Maps" options was indeed used

if i look at the image dimensions

i see they are not excessively big 

if they were causing out-of-memory problems in Blender

if Blender was unable to render the scene using GPU

i could use a program like paintshop and resize the images to something smaller

then re-launch the render using the scene.bat file discussed earlier

or, if i never closed Blender, i think pressing the render Button once more would cause Blender to re-load the images

but i'm not sure. One could close blender, re-open it, and use the "Restore Previous Session" menu

or i could return in Daz Studio and change all the huge texture images for smaller ones

note that if you , export a scene and use the "Collect maps" option, it may over-wrote your shrunk images , so ... proceed with care

if i'm not mistaken, you could protect your image files against over-writes ( using windows explorer )
 and Daz Studio would not protest too loudly when it attempts to over-write them and gets this request turned down by Windows

Now lets try to render an animation
I click mcjTeleblender's "Export Animation" button

a minute or 2 later i see 30 numbered obj/mtl files in my tbScenes folder
a .bat file and a .py file

i double-click the scene.bat file to launch the rendering

i see error messages fly by !!!

i click on my keyboard's pause key

The problem is, Starting with Blender 2.71

Blender is not satisfied with being told that an image file is in 

the folder named "Maps"

and it mistakenly looks in C:\Maps

which is NOT where mcjTeleBlender placed the image maps

so a few minutes from now i will post a new version of mcjTeleBlender 2

which tells Blender very explicitely where the Maps are located