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This is how we do our Christmas light show.

Below are the steps involved in putting together our computerized Christmas light display:
  1. We select and purchase the songs we wish to use in our show.
  2. We use Audacity software to make song CBR. (Done by converting MP3 to WAV)
  3. Using Light-O-Rama S2 software we program the song sequences that control turning the lights on and off in sync with the music.
  4. The song sequences are put into show and then scheduled on a computer.
  5. The computer is connected to a small, hobbiest radio set to broadcast on 106.9 FM. Connected using a regular, old 1/8 audio cable.
  6. The computer is also connect to Light-O-Rama controllers (CTB16PC). Each controller has 16 channels. Each channel controls one segment of the show. Connected via USB to a "USB to RS485B" converter, from there connected by CAT 5 to a controller.
  7. The controllers are daisy chained together with CAT 5 cables.
How-to Videos: