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Angry Birds by Pomplamoose

25,000 Angry Christmas Lights

Pomplamoose did a cover to the Angry Bird's theme song this year. I was already a fan of  Pomplamoose starting with their "Jingle Bells" song in the Hyundai commercial. Then when the did a cover to my all time favorite game, well I just had to put it to Christmas lights. 2 hours after hearing the song the lights were programmed.

Angry Birds" recording by Pomplamoose obtained through ITunes.

By the way if you aren't playing Angry Birds yet, then you are the last one. Time to head over to your local apps store and get a copy. See if you can best me, I'm ranked in the top 30 for Texas.

Taylor Swift Last Christmas
Light it up for Taylor

Last Christmas

This Christmas we are planning on topping last year’s Christmas light show. My daughters (ages 6 & 10) love Taylor Swift plus she is a talented and positive role model. So for Christmas 2011 my daughters and I are working to make our Christmas lights flash and dance to Taylor Swift’s “Last Christmas”. Our hope is that Taylor will see and enjoy the light show.