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Japan's Takeshima竹島 (Liacnourt Rocks, or Dokdo獨島 by Korean), on the Sea of Japan and Tsushima Basin, is currently under the illegal occupation by Soutth Korea from 1950's. Takeshima had returned by San Fransisco Treaty of Peace, although Takeshima had temporary separated from Japan's administravive area by Scapin Order. Actually this rocks is disputed island between Japan and South Korea. South Korea refuse the offer to  dispute with peaceful solution e.g. Internatinal court of Justice , proposal by  by Japan's peaceful way to solve the disputed on international court of Justice. Instead of Peaceful solution, Korean provoke fascism-like natinalism propaganda and they spoiles kindergarden kids into brainwash propaganda and force them wicked hostility toward Japanese with prejudice.

It is simple reason because Korea have no evidence/ground  to had effective control on lianocurt Rocks before 1950's illegal expansionism invasion so they refuse the court, although Korean had agreed to solve the "deplomatic" conflict between Japan and Korea peacefull negotiation.. It is problem and harmful for peace that Korean's ethno-centristic fasism like Propaganda Brainwash at the kidnergarden, and primary school and middle school and so on. It promotes offensive attitude and prejudice Japanese. In additin, they enforce offensive-military equipment. on the other hand , Japan keep calm and no propaganda brainwash education toward their student, and reduce Military budget and only improve for defence equipment. We know which country had strange attitude, and wicked ambitions.

It is most biggest ,basic, and primitive fabricated distorture of Korean Claims "Usando is Dokdo"
・Which island is Ullengdo鬱陵島, Jukdo竹嶼(Boussole Rock) and Takeshima竹島(Liacnurt Rocks, or dokdo)?

・Korean Usando-Ulluengdo antique map list  ( Liacnourt Rocks not incruded, but Boussole Rock incruded
Visualizaton version;
1300-1711 Korean antique maps Usando on west of Ululungdo with same size of smaller size.   
1711-1840 Korean antique maps Usando on northeast of Ulleungdo with narrow wide shape single island.
1840-1950 Korean antique maps

Detailed Map by Korean Ulluegdo inspector team (Ulluengdo(Dagelet) and Usando(Jukdo-Boussole Rock)
・Circular shape design detailed Ullengdo maps   Usando describes east of Ulleungdo as narrow wide single island. It is not Liancourt Rocks
・Pentagram shape design detailed Ulleungdo maps distance and  measure attached. but no lianocurt rocks incruded.
・Rectangurar (Kim Jonho's) Ulluengdo maps  He recognized Usan is another name of Ulleungdo so he omit Usando.

・The Korean records translation "Ulleungdo can be seen from east coast of Korean peninsula".
・History of Usando and Ulleungdo before 1694. One island twin names, or two islands.
 a island besides Ullengdo.
・Sambongdo is 金漢京's lie, it is Ullunegdo's three peak, it is .not Lianocurt rocks.

・Seals on Ulleungdo. There are no grounds that Gaejaedo be Liancourt  Rocks. Seals not only Lliacnourt Rocks but also Ulluengdo and Broughton bay.
・Detailed Map by Japanese Dagelet(Ulluengdo) inspectors around 1880-1920. to confirm the place of name on Korean Ulleungdo detailed Maps.

・A rare document which Joseon witnessed Liacnourt Rocks. But  a island they saw is not Usando. They recognized it is territory of Japan.

・JoseonKorea)'s Ulluengdo Inspector Team Survey after 1694. They never visit or control on Liancourt rocks .It means no recognization of "control" on Liacnourt Rocks.
・1882's Ulleungdo Survey by Lee^Gyuwon .  he never visit or talk about Liacnourt Rocks. .It means no recognization of "control" on Liacnourt Rocks..
・1899 Ulluengdo inspection by U-Jongtong He also never visit or talk, survey about Liacnourt Rocks. .It means no recognization of "control" on Liacnourt Rocks..

・Koreans recognization of Ulluengdo district. Liancourt Rocks is not incruded Ulleungdo district.
・Easternmost terrritoy of Koreas Ulleungdo's Jukdo Liacnourt Rocks is not incruded easternmost boundarry.
・Ulluengdo population, majority is Kanwon-do and Kyonsanbuk-do people, it is not Chongla-do people.

・Seokdo on Imperial Edict 41 ,22Oct1900 , is not mentioned about Takeshima Liancourt Rocks.
・Japan's effective control on Takeshima(Ullengdo,not Liancurt rocks today), during Joseon(Korea)'s No-Entry-Policy on Ulleungdo.
・Record of Anh's incident and Ulleungdo inspector's inspection record.
・Negotiation about territorial dispute of Ulluengdo between Japan's Tsushima office and Joseon dynasty.

In the Internatinal laws and Treaty of Peace, Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks, or Dokdo) was assured as Japanese Territory.
・Scapin order separates Takeshima from Japan's administrative area into UN administrative area.
・Draft Treaty of Peace with Japan, and the attached memoramdom, communications.-Liacnort Rocks is clearly territory Of Japan.
・Fascist dictator Syungman Rhee's invation into Liacnourt Rocks.
・Reconfirmation , Liacnorut Rocks is terrotory of Japan by San Fransisco Treaty of Peace.

Why no solution?
・Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea
・Korea's Militarism expansion, ambitious,  and invasion planning.
・Korean fascism-like brainwash Propaganda "education from the kindergarden kids
・No freedom of explressions in Korea

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