Interpretation and Education

Interpretation and education materials have been produced and workshops held to promote and support the churchyard as a place for lifelong learning for visitors and local people.

Display Board

Local designer Karen McDonnell has been commissioned to design a permanent display board. The display board is now exhibited at the back of the nave of the church with details for visitors of the Caring for God's Acre Project in Letton Churchyard

Information Card

Karen McDonnell has also designed an information card for visitors to use while they walk around the churchyard. The card reflects the shape of the churchyard and shows the outline of the church building.

One side of the card covers Spring and Summer with details of what to look for during these seasons. The other side of the card covers Autumn and Winter.

Information Booklets

Two booklets have been designed and produced by Don Maddox detailing and interpreting the results of the archaeology and botany surveys.

The booklets are available in the church to guide visitors around the church and churchyard.


Workshops have been held in 2004 and in 2005 open to all visitors and local people.

The first, led by John Thompsona and Phil Sutton was held in July 2004 and covered flora and fauna in the churchyard.

Local writer and artist David Petts held two lively workshops in August and September 2004 exploring the diversity of the churchyard and another workshop in September 2005.


And this website has been produced - thanks to the many contributions from all in the local community.