Death of Rev Henry Blisset

Reproduced by kind permission of the Hereford Times

13 May 1893

The Rev. Henry Blisset, of Letton Court, near Hereford, died at his residence on Wednesday of last week, after a short illness, at the ripe age of 85. He was the owner of considerable landed property, Lord of the Manors of Letton, Willersley and Winforton and Patron of the Livings of those parishes. Letton Court, which was rebuilt a quarter of a century since, is a red brick mansion in the mediaeval style, surrounded by a moat. It is adjacent to the church in the chancel of which are several mural tablets to the Blisset family.

Mr. Blisset was educated at Balliol, Oxford, where he obtained a B.A. degree in 1831 and became an M.A. in 1837. He was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Peterborough in 1835 and Priest by the Bishop of Ely in 1836. From 1837 to 1868 he was Rector of Letton and Willersley. He was on the Commission of the Peace for the County.

The lamented death of his son, Mr John Freeman Blisset in the prime of life, had caused him to retire very much from public affairs and he had the name of being a stern - though just - and upright man.

During the last few years his charities were very extensive and, at the same time, uncatentatious, and he will be missed greatly in consequence.

The funeral, which took place on Monday afternoon, was of the plainest description. The body was enclosed in an elm coffin, which was made by one of the tradesmen on the estate, and was borne to the grave, in Letton churchyard, by workmen. The deceased had desired that there should be no hat-bands, gloves or anything of that description. His brother, the Rev. George Blisset, of Winforton House, was the only mourner.

Mr. Henry Hayward and Mr. T. Turner (of Hereford) also attended to pay their last respects.