So...Google is forcing upgrades to New Sites, which is awesome except this site had too many pages. So it's being transitioned into a constellation of related sites that are all accessible through the Navigation Portal Site:


None of the content is going away. It's just being transitioned to New Sites.

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Please find what you need through the Portal, and please be patient while I restructure---And yes, then try to find and fix broken links (Flash going away did a number on me!) and I do hope some day to finish all the curricula. Alas, there is just one of me, and we're also having family transitions that have gone on far too long.

Thanks for your patience!

WELCOME to Learning Lynx Classroom, where you'll find Freeschooling for Gifted Homeschoolers.

How does this work? Where do I start?

NOTE: Unfortunately, parts of this site are still under construction. Please forgive the mess! As of today, Playroom, The Bear Basics, the Awakening Woods, and The Engine Room are complete and ready to be used, provided the links aren't broken. There is just one of me putting this all together, and I am also homeschooling 8 children myself, so it's slow going developing the rest. I'm working on it--I promise! I'm even developing the rest of the site to make it so you can access the classes OR the entire curriculum, so you can customize your child's learning.

Be patient, and let me know if you find broken links so I can fix them.



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