These rules are to protect the fish, and to keep the fish and water quality at a level you would expect from a quality fishery.


All enquiries contact Derek Rowley "Fishery Owner"

  • ALL fishermen have to book into the lodge before commencing to fish.
  • NO LITTER to be left on pegs or site. Each fisherman is held responsible for litter on his/her peg or nearby, unless the management is notified of previous abuse. NO dispersing of litter, fishing line or cigarette ends. No cans whatsoever (even in your net bags). Leave all cans and glass bottles in your car.
  • 1 rod in use at a time only.
  • NO trout pellets.All feed pellet must be purchased from our lodge. This rule was implemented because of misuse by Anglers.All feed is computerised,the exact amount that enters the waters is known..
  • ALL varieties of paste can be used on the fishery. NO PASTE or MEAT of any description to be loose fed into your swim.
  • NO groundbait, Cat meat, floating baits,Artificial Baits, boilies, hemp or nuts of any description are allowed.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • LANDING NETS must be used and the fish handled with care, all fish must be returned straight back to the water.  NETS MUST BE DIPPED BEFORE FISHING .
  • (manufactured barbless please - no crushed, filed or nipped barbs).
  • NO Keepnets allowed
  • NO rods to be left unattended.
  • NO FEEDER OR BOMB FISHING including polaris. No Float Ledgering. (Float Fishing Only ).
  • NO braid or electronic bite alarms.
  • NO FISHING between pegs.
  • .
  • ALL anglers must have a landing net.
  • TOILETS to be used at all times.
  • LAKELAND FISHERIES cannot be held responsible for any loss of or damage to fishing tackle, or any theft from or damage to any vehicle. No tackle to be left unattended.
  • The management reserve the right to spot check customers tackle to check they are observing these rules. Those who persist in breaking these rules will be barred. Anyone caught attempting to remove fish will be prosecuted.
  • ALL COMPLAINTS please refer to the Management or Bailiff on duty.