Heron Lake

Heron lake was constructed in 1999 and is the largest lake in the fishery, consisting of 60 pegs. This lake is very mature with a large islands in the centre which is covered in aquatic plants and the occasional willow tree. This lake is a favourite for both match and pleasure anglers as it contains a large head of all species and an abundance amount of tench. During the summer months catches are mainly made up of tench with match weights in excess of 100 lb.. On a average day in summer most pleasure anglers are easily looking at 50+ tench in one sitting.


Species Size
Carp Up to 16.5 lb
Tench Up to 10lb
Bream Up to 13lb
Rudd Up To 4lb
Roach Up to 4lb
Rudd/Bream Hybrid Up to 5 lb
Roach/Bream Hybrid Up to 7.5 lb
Perch Up to 3.5 lb
Below are some pictures of Heron Lake, for pictures of the catches from this lake check out the gallery.