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Acupoint Massage Therapy (Akupunkt Massage nach Penzel) is a massage method using the meridians and acupuncture points on the body. It is a unique technique developed by Willy Penzel in Germany in 1971.  Mr. Penzel recognized that a pain can create disharmony and tension in the body.  In conclusion, illness can be seen as a disorder in the energy flow.  By combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine principles and techniques, he was able to reduce pain and stiffness, and extend joint mobility. At the same time, Acupoint Massage Therapy creates a deep state of relaxation and balance by supporting the body’s energy and working with the internal healer.

 I learned this method in 2000 at the European Penzel Academy (Europäische Penzel Akademie) and have successfully used it over 4000 times in Germany. My German patients, with simple or complex symptoms, experienced release from pain and overall support in their healing process. In general, they healed faster and got stronger overall. Since it has been proven that pain is very stressful, and can even lead to depression, the great positive side effect of this treatment is the overall emotional balance experienced by the person.

The World Health Organization has a list of conditions that acupuncture treats, which can also be applied to Acupoint Massage Therapy:  (instead of: "that acupuncture treats that")

The World Health Organization has a list of conditions that acupuncture treats that can also be applied to Acupoint Massage: list of conditions

 As a certified member of the International Therapist Association of Acupoint Massage, I review the latest updates in training at least four times a year, to ensure the best leading-edge care for all of my clients.

Acupoint Massage Therapy

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Nov 19, 2014