Who me?

My name is Samuli Kaislaniemi and I am a scholar. I have a PhD on the early British East India Company and language, and I continue to work in academia. Currently, I am an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland (2022–2025).

This site contains lists of my publications and presentations. I try to include abstracts for talks and, when possible, pdfs of drafts or offprints of my publications, and sometimes slides from presentations.

This site also contains various resources I have put together while doing historical and archival research. You can find transcriptions of archival documents, primarily from the early modern British State Papers at the UK National Archives in London. There are also two finding aids, the (now largely redundant) British Library microfilm reel finder for the Hatfield House Cecil Papers, and a normalised, searchable and sortable table of contents to 'Winwood's Memorials' (1727 edition). And there are also links to my efforts in mapping early modern European postal networks on Google Maps.

The most recent addition is a timeline of the English East India Company and language contact – which charts the presence of the EIC across the East Indies over time, primarily by when they established trading posts and settlements.

NB! This site was migrated to the new Google Sites platform in September 2020: I have spent some time fixing all the resulting errors (skewed layout, dead links, lost files), but this has not been a priority, and things remain wonky.

You can find me on Twitter using the handle @samklai , and email me at my gmail.com address which is samklai@.

You can find infrequent ramblings about various scholarly things on my personal blog.

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