JQS Computer Specialty

Computer Science Education Week (#CSEDWeek) is Dec 4-10, 2017 - A worldwide Event!
In preparation we had volunteers installing iPad Apps on Dec 1st Friday in the library from 8am to 11 am.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work!  You know who you are!

At JQS we teach students 21st century digital literacy and computer skills.  

"In the last decade, changes in technology, communication, and the information life cycle have contributed to significant changes in our world. Increasingly, people are becoming technology creators as well as technology users. Meaningful participation in modern society requires fluency in the uses of, impact of, and ability to manipulate technology for living, learning, and working. Given this context, knowledge and skills included in the Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) standards are essential for all students. Student of all backgrounds should be prepared for personal and civic efficacy in the twenty-first century and should have the opportunity to consider innovative and creative technology-based careers of the future."  - 2016 Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) Curriculum Framework.

Our students get to use modern technology regularly at school: chromebooks, iPads, PCs and sometimes MacBooks. We also have computer specialty and a Maker Space in the library, stocked with educational engineering and technology learning toys.   5th graders can choose to be in computer club or robotics club on Fridays during last period.

What computer skills do we learn at school? - this section will be frequently updated
- Log in on a chromebook (or another device) with your school account, so you can access your BPS provided gmail account, collaborative google tools and many educational tools, all packed in your so called "digital backpack" and accessible to you with a one-click login via Clever (an educational portal).
- Explore what's in your digital backpack and how to use these resources at school and at home. For example if you need a book to write a book report on, read one on tumblebooks.com (login via clever)
- Keyboarding skills: We use Typing.com in grades 3-5 (and sometimes in 2nd grade) and dancematetypingguide.com for students who can't easily follow written instructions yet in 2nd grade. Typing.com has the advantage of keeping track of progress.
- Digital Citizenship
- Internet safety and etiquette
- Research skills on BPS approved sites that will give you safe and age appropriate results. Go to our school website jqselementary.org, click JQS Library, click Encyclopedia Britannica or Kids InfoBits.
- Google docs: Practice writing notes in a google doc, editing, formatting, inserting images, special features, citation, sharing the document with your teacher.
- Read books on tumblebooks.com and write book reports.
- Sometimes we play educational games to complement our ELA, Math and Art curriculum. Mostly in younger grades.
- Computer coding:  Scratch, Lightbot App and more.

The ASEP (JQS after school enrichment program) offers further opportunities for JQS students to explore technology: Scratch coding, website design, lego club, digital art and more.  To register for the ASEP programs please email the coordinator helen.wong@boston.gov