Week at a Glance for Computer Specialty at JQES

Practice copy and paste

ctrl + c

ctrl + v

Copy the first paragraph into a google document from this site: Rosa Parks https://www.history.com/topics/black-history/rosa-parks

Tech Goes Home January Session

Week of January 18 - 21

Grades K-1: Code.org Course A or B

Grades 2-3 - Google Slides Assignment: Watch my Planets Presentation tutorial for students, then recreate the same google slides presentation you see in the video. Create 4 slides: a title slide Planet Presentation, a second slide titled Mars, a third slide for Jupiter and a fourth slide titled Resources to list where you found information (websites or books) about Mars and Jupiter. The video starts with what the final product should look like, and then gives you step by step instruction on how to get it done. Based on your planets presentation google slides, I will verify that you understand how to:

  1. create a new google slide presentation

  2. select a theme

    1. add slides

    2. add a title for each slide

    3. insert an image from the web (of Mars and of Jupiter)

    4. resize and move the image

    5. add a text box to a slide

    6. search for "Mars facts for kids" in a second tab

    7. make a bulleted list of 3 facts for Mars, and 3 facts for Jupiter based on your search

    8. List at least two resources where you found your facts, such as planetsforkids.org

    9. Once you are finished, share you presentation with me. Click Share, then type ablake@bostonpublicschools.org, then click Send.

Watch for fun: planets song

Grades 4-5 How to make a snowflake in tinkercad:


Next TGH (Tech Goes Home) Course February 2-16 application form: https://forms.gle/Bdo8ntFUkgkkn63g7

Some examples of Scratch games:

Ocean Clean up Plastic Polution: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/616363192/

Say Hello: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/616331621

Dates: February 2, 4, 7, 14, 16

Time: 5:30 - 7:30 (on zoom)

各位家长,TGH 将为三,四,五年级学生举办电脑班。

link to application form

日期:2/2, 2/4, 2/7, 2/14, 2/16

时间: 5:30 - 7:30 pm


如果你在两年内参加过TGH电脑班,不可以报名。每个家庭每次只允许一个小孩参加。如果我们接受你的报名, 我们会用电话或者电邮通知你。

Questions? Email ablake@bostonpublicschools.org

Friday Lego Robotics Club

Clean Up Lesson Plan

FINISHED - Tinkercad Flood Solutions project for grades 3-5

Ms Wang's 5th grade class, please put a slide for yourself in this slide deck

Mr. Amara's 3rd Grade Class, please put a slide for yourself in this slide deck

FINISHED - Hopper Code for Robotics Club

Lego Club: Invention Squad Lessons

Hopper Race:

Building Instructions for Hopper

Coding Tips for Hopper

Teacher: Andrea Blake

Questions? Email Ms. Blake at ablake@bostonpublicschools.org

Quick Links: abcya.com, jqes.org (our school website), scratch.mit.edu, Computer Specialty Exit Ticket, BrainPOP Jr Featured Movie of the Week, BeeBots Online, Code.org Dance Party, For Teachers: Digital Citizenship Week Activities

Week6 October 18 - 22

This week is Digital Citizenship Week and STEM Week

Grades K-1 - Digital Citizenship - What is bullying? Not everyhting mean is bullying. Learn the difference: Is it a mean moment, conflict or bullying?. Activity: Draw about it: Draw an example. Turn and Talk: Explain in your own words what's happening in your drawning. Ask your partner: Do you think this is a mean moment, conflict or bullying? Then discuss why or why not. AFTER the discusison, put a label on your drawing: Mean Moment, Conflict or Bullying. Repeat the activity with your partner's drawing.

Grade 2 - Digital Citizenship - What is bullying? Not everyhting mean is bullying. Learn the difference: Is it a mean moment, conflict or bullying?. Activity1: Draw about it: Draw an example of a mean moment, conflict or bullying on paper. Google Docs - Write About it: Create a new google document, title it "Is it Bullying?". Include a photo of your drawing, then explain in your own words if it is a mean moment, conflict or bullying. Explain why.

Activity2: Make a Movie: Imagine that you want to make an animation based on your drawing, using the digital citizens. The purpose of the movie would be to show an enactment of the situation to other students and then ask them to decide if this scenario is a mean moment, conflict or bullying.

Grades 3-5: Design a flood solution in Tinkercad

Activity1: Draw about it: Draw an example (on paper) of a solution of how you would protect a house from flooding. Google Docs - Write About it: Create a new google document, title it "My Flood Solution Design" Include a photo of your drawing. Write and answer these questions below the photo:

  1. When will global warming expected to cause rising sea levels in my city?

  2. What are some examples of what problems rising sea levels will cause in my city?

  3. How can I use STEM to protect the buildings or keep the city liveable in such conditions?

Activity2: Tinkercad: During the next few weeks, you will design your own flood solution in Tinkercad.

Slide deck for students and Teacher Lesson plan: Flood Prevention Challenge - Grade 3 Plan

Week5 Oct 4 - 8 & Week6 Oct 11 - 15

Preparing for Digital Citizenship Week and STEM Week (October 16 - 22)

Grades K-1 - Code.org & Digital Citizenship

Grade 2 - Google Docs: Based on my video on how to make a google document (on youtube), write an All About Me document. Use your own name, take a photo of yourself, type three things that I should know about you, then Share the document with me ablake@bostonpublicschools.org. Please do not share with other students for the sake of safety and privacy. You can take your time and play with extra features, like letter types and font size.

Grades 3-5 - Google Docs: Start writing a digital journal. Give the document a title following this format, using your own first and last name, grade and your homeroom number (if you know it). Digital Journal by Tom Brady gr3 203. Share the document with ablake@bostonpublicschools.org (Click the Share button, type my email address then click Send.) You will write a reflection in this document every week and I will review your journal entries.

Grades 3-5 Tinkercad:

Getting Started: Join the class Ms. Blake created for you in tinkercad, use your classcode on slide 2 of our Tinkercad Project Slide Deck.

Warmup: Create an avatar for yourself or for your favorite superhero

Project: Design a flood solution

Digital Citizenship Skills - How to find reliable resources on the internet.

Activity: Conduct a research on flood solutions. Write an entry in your digital journal about how the rising sea levels caused by global warming effect coastal cities. Research Existing flood solutions. During the next few weeks, you will design your own flood solution in Tinkercad.

Extra Activity (in case you have extra time): Create a Birthday Surprise for Ms Blake and submit it using the CS Exit Ticket. Some ideas: 1st or 2nd grade, make a Happy Birthday card in a google document. Grades 3-5 make a party scene or a birthday cake or a "birthday gift" in tinkercad. Some things I like: chocolate, cake, party food, cooking, dancing, art (statues, vases, a painting, a really nice house?), whatever you can think of.

Week4 Sept 27 - Oct 1

Grades K-2: Code.org Course A, Lesson 2 Digital Citizenship

1. Login on BPS Clever

2. Click Code.org

3. Lesson4, coding with angry bird

Grades 3-5: Digital citizenship skills: Password Powerup lesson slides

  1. warmup: play the password protect game

  2. Tip: You can switch certain letters for numbers in your passwords: 1=L, 2=Z, 3=E, 4=for, 5=S, 6=G, 7=T, 8=B, 9=g. Don't use all of these at once, just pick one or two that you are likely to remember.

  3. Fill out the handout for practice

Research Resources from last year for Famous Hispanics slides for 4th grade

Week3 Sept 20-24

Grades K-1: Code.org Course A

1. Login on BPS Clever

2. Click Code.org

3. Code.org Lesson 1

If we have extra time: abcya.com Shapes & Colors BINGO or Count Fish

Grades 2-3 - Google Drive: How to get to your google drive from clever. Organize your files into folders. Create a Computer Specialty folder on your drive if you don't have one already. How to name your files (instead of Untitled Document).

Grades 4-5 - Digital Citizenship: Privacy and Security. I assigned homework to my students on BrainPop: after we view and discuss the Privacy and Security BrainPop movie in class, complete the graded Challenge. You can get to it from Clever -> BrainPOP -> Dashboard -> My assignments.

Fun: play the game Twalkers (it demonstrates what happens when you are distracted by your phone).

Week1 Sept 9-10 & Week2 Sept 13-17

Welcome back to school! Introductions and overview: Computer Specialty, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Google Skills and Code.org or Scratch coding. BPS Technology Use Contract.

Grades 2-5: What's your favorite technology and what do you like about it? Post your answer on our Computer Specialty Padlet

Grades K-1: Play Connect the Dots on abcya.com (only if we have extra time)

Fun: Create an Avatar at Powerpuffyourself.com

Tinkercad Flood Solutions Project Slides instructions for grades 3-5

Ms. Keefe's class, please put a slide for yourself in this slide deck

Ms Wang's 5th grade class, please put a slide for yourself in this slide deck

Ms Luie's class, please put a slide for yourself in this slide deck to show your 3D design for flood solution

Ms Qiao's class, please put a slide for yourself in this slide deck to show your 3D design for flood solution

Ms Lau's students slides

#CSEdWeek December 6-12

Students in grades 3-5, if you finished a Scratch project, send it to Ms. Blake for review by sharing it and then pasting the link in this Computer Specialty Exit Ticket

Hour of Code Activities:

Grades K-2: CodeMonkey Beaver Achiever


Grades 2-5: Dance Party on Code.org code.org/dance

Grades 2-5: Coding Adventure on Codemonkey

And many more activities you can choose from: https://hourofcode.com/us/learn

Please join JQES and BPSTechnology BPSCoders in celebrating Computer Science Education Week!

Every student at JQES will have a chance to try an hour of coding, hosted by Ms. Blake (computer specialty), Ms. Boulogne (librarian), Ms. Buccoleri and Ms. Murphy (science teachers)

You can also enter the 2021 #BPSCoders Student Contest and win great prizes!

If you are NEW to Scratch, please create an account on Scratch.mit.edu and REMEMBER your username and password (maybe write it down?)

Start with this project: Make a Story https://csfirst.withgoogle.com/c/cs-first/en/storytelling/overview.html

If you know Scratch, please make a Scratch animation or game and consider entering the contest.