Treadmill Desk 2.0

Do you find exercising as exciting as watching paint dry?

I'm not sure if it's quite as engaging, but it's a close second, pulling just ahead of watching the grass grow. Don't get me wrong, on a warm, sunny day I'm out the door faster than a golden retriever, but living in Vancouver Canada means those are few and far between. The solution? A treadmill desk.

Left to right: DSM-RTR, DFM-400P, and 24V to 5V power supply for the photogate

Reflective IR Sensor (photogate)

The treadmill does have a distance and speed readout, but I needed an excuse to become a bit more familiar with Delta's enteliVIS software. The obvious desire to see historical data also meant that the use of a CopperCube was in order. (Note: This section is still in progress)